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North [Sic] ‘February’

North [Sic] is Christon’s instrumental alter ego and from the project ’12’, of which he will release a new instrumental track every 1st of the month, ‘February’ was released yesterday.

Sir Notch – Depths Of My Mistakes

Once again Christon teamed up with Sir Notch! Previous Sir Notch single ‘ Please Don’t Go’ (Sam Feldt edit) was co-written by Christon and he also delivered the vocals, ‘Depths Of My Mistakes’ is co-written by Christon and Swedish songwriter Daniel Gibson, the vocals are by soulsinger Steffen Morrison. The track was instantly added to Spotify’s…
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Hardwell & Dr Phunk ‘Take Us Down (Feeding Our Hunger)’

‘Take Us Down (Feeding Our Hunger)’ is the new single of Hardwell & Dr Phunk, co-written by Christon and Jantine who also delivered the vocals.

Trobi ‘Be Free’ EP

Trobi’s EP just got released and Chris co-wrote two songs on it, ‘Set Me Free’ & ‘Move Along’. Move Along was added recently to the SLAM FM playlist!    

Happy New Year & New (Instrumental) Music

First of all I wanna wish you a happy and healthy 2018, I hope you had a great time yesterday with your loved ones! For me the year started of great with the release of my new instrumental project called North [Sic] in the form of the first track ‘January’! Every first of the month I will…
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NEW MUSIC!  Chris released a new song today. It’s called ‘Lighthouse’ and is inspired by the Island of Texel near the Dutch coast. “Every time I’m there I’m daydreaming about ‘for sale’ signs and moving trucks. Very excited to share it with you.” MUSIC FOR OTHERS  The past few months he’s been making music with a lot of different talented musicians…
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Social Media Break

Nothing suspicious and that’s why I thought I’d let you guys know, I’m taking a little break from social media. Not from being social, so you can still catch me in real life in some bars across Utrecht for instance. ;-P I’ll be back! In the meantime do listen to this wonderful tune from Alice…
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Songwriting & Production

Besides promoting his new single ‘Castles In The Sand’ Chris is busy writing and producing songs and music for others. Take a look at this overview of tracks to see what he’s busy working on!

Lyric video ‘Castles In The Sand’ online now!

With all the photos you guys sent Christon put together  a very special ‘analogue’ lyric video. Thanks so much for all the beautiful pictures! Check it out here!

Video or Skydive?

Chris got a video budget from his record label but decided to spend it on a Hopefully the label doesn’t mind..Check the video here!