As a finalist in the Dutch version of Pop Idol and a member of British pop group XYP and through his own band Rigby Christon was working with a lot of talented hit songwriters from an early age on. Being more drawn to the art of composition and recording techniques rather than performing, the artist slowly made the transition into the composer/producer he is now. In the meantime he graduated at the prestigious Rotterdam Conservatory. His main focus now is on writing and producing music for other artists or for Film & TV.

As a songwriter he already wrote 500 songs for different artists in multiple genres. Including songs with artists like Aloe Blacc, Ziggy Marley, Mathieu Koss, Lost Frequencies, J Alvarez, Hardwell, Sam Feldt, Trobi, Dash Berlin, Brennan Heart, LVNDSCAPE, Guus Meeuwis, Ronnie Flex, Josylvio, Tino Martin a.o

Christon has won two BUMA Awards (Dutch ASCAP/BMI) as well as being awarded with multiple golden records for songs he contributed to.

Before he quit performing he made one last record with Thomas Doeve in Nashville. “Towns & Cities”. Give it a spin if you can find the time.

Live loopstation performance of SOS Warning.

Through his alter ego’s North [Sic] & Sir Notch he releases instrumental & electronic music on his own label Exquisite Recordings.

Christon is a versatile songwriter as he plays multiple instruments, can sing and produces as well.

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Day to day:

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Wilfried Damman