As a kid you dream about your future and what you want to be when you grow up. Christon was preparing for a career as a basketball player, but the implacable judgment of the physician threw a spanner in the works at the age of 17. He found solace and a new purpose in that other passion of his: playing music and writing songs.

Supported by graduating from the Rotterdam Conservatory, this is a craft where you have to become proficient in both composing and songwriting, as well as learning to perform. A process of trial and error, of perfecting and start again from scratch, often in silence and solitude.

During the writing/demo process this multi-instrumentalist used a home-built loopstation connecting all his instruments to each other. That’s where the idea arose to perform his debut solo album like this on stage as well.

Here he stands within his “Perpetuum Mobile”, surrounded by 10 instruments with whom he builds his songs layer by layer. With your eyes closed you hear a full band, with your eyes open you see a convincing musician who passionately carries out his songs.