Since 2018 Christon and Mathieu have been working together on the Mathieu Koss project. Some things are just meant to be and so it will be. Like in this case where Chris bumped into Mathieu at an ADE writing camp organised by Spinnin’ & Musical Allstars. At the moment Chris arrived, Mat was just about to leave for the airport. 

They had a quick chat and decided to exchange contact information to maybe hook up in the near future. After an online session they met again during ADE the following year to work on a song that turned out to be ‘Best Is Yet To Come. 

After a full day in the studio they talked about music, travelling and live in general. They envisioned a future where they would be travelling the world together, enjoying great food in different cities and work on new music for Mathieu. Besides the COVID situation that’s exactly what they are doing now, and thus living their dream.  Mathieu being a stellar producer & songwriter in his own right, loves to collaborate with different people and enjoys working out new musical ideas with Chris, sharing the same manager now in Wilfried Damman this team is ready for the future, that’s looking bright!

Right now Mathieu Koss is on the rise. The French, Nancy based DJ and producer’s reputation is growing rapidly. ‘Never Growing Up’ ft. Aloe Blacc was one of the biggest radio songs in France and Belgium in 2019, following up on his earlier streaming success ‘Big Jet Plane’ (with Alok) with more than 250 million streams. Last year he released collaborations with Ziggy Marley (‘Home’) and Lost Frequencies (‘Don’t Leave Me Now’), the latter starting in 38 New Music Fridays and ending up a Top 40 hit across Europe, with multiple golden & platina awards.

Development and finding new perspectives for his life and career are key elements for Mathieu, working together with international artists shows this  curiosity. Back in the days, he spent an entire year in Australia to find out what he wants to do in life with his talents. Mathieu used to be a highly-respected chef in a restaurant with opportunities to work in well-known restaurants in Paris, but decided for his other career: artist, musician, DJ, producer. During spring and summer, he shared his secrets with his online cooking series ‘Cooking with Chef Koss’.

Journey called life. From a music perspective, Mathieu likes to discover new inspiration by travelling around the world and working with different composers and musicians. He does not copy the current chart songs but intends to create authentic dance pop-songs with great hooks and melodies. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to do it this way, but it’s also more satisfying when it ends up in songs that you’re proud of and which you can share with your audience and followers. For instance, his performance at ‘La Fête de La Musique’ with Aloe Blacc, live on national TV in France, was a big moment for Mathieu: a confirmation of dreams coming true.

To continue his path, he has spent the winter in London, Stockholm, Amsterdam and back home in Nancy to work on new tracks. In the hottest period of the summer, he was not on a beach but in a dazzling hot studio in Berlin. Ironically his new single is called “ The Beach “ and has high expectations of becoming the next summer anthem.